Langara Tennis Group

We have a membership of 70+ and we have in the past been able to request and get the Parks Board to do the following:

  • Pave the perimeter pathway around the courts. Dirt from the original dirt pathway was being tracked on to the courts.
  • Have a do not litter and court numbering signs placed on the courts
  • Had the original non standard nets replaced with official sanctioned nets.
  • Cut down the large trees on the adjoining golf course in 2008. The leaves from these trees were making a mess of the courts in the fall.
  • Getting the grass cut every year around the courts.

We are using these courts and playing on them like any other member of the public so we adhere strictly to the posted rules placed on the courts by the Vancouver Parks Board. We do not have a block time from the Vancouver Parks Board to use these courts.

  • Our level of play, (1 to 4), approx.
  • Ages range from 20-92.
  • We are a strictly non profit organization.
  • We are die hard tennis players and will continue to play through the wet season.

If you are looking for fun tennis and daily exercise come and join us from sunrise to 11.00am every day unless it is snowing or raining. We host two  tournament and one dinner for our members each year.

If you would like to join us just show up on these courts any morning and have a chat with one of our members, or for more information contact us.