About Us

About us

If you are looking for a daily workout of tennis on one of the best public courts in Vancouver, Canada then look no further just contact us or drop by any day at our location.


We started out as an informal group of nineteen tennis players that played  every morning at the Langara College courts 25 years ago. In 1995 the college decided to renovate these courts and charge a fee for its use to recover their investments. We then decided to  use the public courts at 56th and Ontario but the courts were in deplorable condition. Courts 3 and 4 were unplayable due to  roots invasion from the trees on the Langara Golf Course and the Parks Board deemed it unsafe to use and took the nets down. Courts 1 and 2 had large cracks and water seeping below the courts froze and creating large cracks on its surface. Grass  eventually grew into these cracks. There was also grass invasion around the perimeter fence.


On March 27th, 2001 we drafted a petition and submitted this to the Vancouver Parks Board requesting that the courts be repaired/replaced. We received a positive reply back from them and the courts were replaced in 2002.

In the interim period we used the MacDonald Park Courts at 45th Ave and Sofia.

The courts were completed in the spring of 2003 and it was decided to form ourselves into a semi formal group taking on the name Langara Tennis Group and to collect a small fee of $10  per year to pay for the incidental maintenance of these courts. With this we purchased brooms, garbage cans, and rakes to keep the courts clean and two regulation tennis nets to replace the ones supplied by the Parks Board. The following year it was decided because some members brought ball and other did not to collect an additional $10 and provide balls from April to September instead of having individual members bring their own balls.

In 2004 at our AGM the members voted to increase the dues by $5.00 and supply ball for the entire year and introduce a $10.00 initiation fee for new members.