Arbitration and Complaints Committee

From your Executives

It has been brought to our attention that some of our members are not happy with the Ball Rules, Guest and Old Members, or Court Etiquette of Members. Because of this we have formed an arbitration/ completes committee to address this issue.

On this committee are:

  • Chairperson: Lance Yen
  • Rey Co
  • James Tsai

Ball Rules, Guest and Old Members:

If you would like to change the above rules you can either bring it up at our “Annual General Meeting” in March/April and have the members at large attending this meeting vote on an amendment or submit a request to the above committee. This should be in writing, stating the specific section that you would like to have changed, and should be signed by at least ten of our members at large. This committee will then submit the request to the Executive at which time they will either decide to make changes or call a special meeting of all our members, and have them vote on these changes. There should be at least a third of our members present to vote and make these changes effective.

Court Etiquette:

If you are playing with a member that is not adhering to the etiquette of the game and you are not happy with the situation you may make a submission in writing to the above committee. It will be up to them to decide what to do. Please keep in mind that we are here to have fun and exercise and court etiquette is part of the rules that makes playing enjoyable.

The complain should be in writing by e-mail or letter to our Chairperson.