Ball Usage

The Langara Tennis Group – Tennis ball usage

The members pay dues of $15 and supply balls for the entire playing season or until $15 per members budget is used up.

Our budget allows us to have one case of balls per month and this is divided up among the 8 members below (24 tins to a case divided) have three cans each. These members are responsible for the distribution and the proper use of these cans. If you arrive at the courts please ask one of the designated ball carrying members for a ca.

  • Tong Fook Wah (T), Simon Lee (SL) – very early morning (sunrise)
  • James Tsai (JT), Ken Law (KL) Rey Co (RC) – early morning (8 am)
  • Danny Lin (DL), Lance Yen (LT) – late morning (10 am)

Due to our limited ball budget we ask you to observe the following:

  • When warming up use old balls.
  • Balls will be supplied from sunrise till 11 a.m. After this time you should use your own tennis balls. Between October and March the time will be sunrise till Noon
  • If any of the above members has to leave please return his balls. Ask another ball carrier for more balls.
  • A ball is dead using the following test:
    Hold the ball up as high as your forehead and let it drop. If the ball does not reach your belly button the ball is dead and should be replaced.
  • The balls will have the above members initials and they are responsible for the balls in their possession. Please return the balls to them after play.
  • All worn balls no longer fit to use will be disposed of by the executives.

The condition of balls provided by the persons above is a subjective matter. So it is up to you to convince him that the balls should be changed for a newer set. A reminder that we ware not playing in a tournament but just out for exercise and fun. Since your opponent is using the same balls you will win the game based on your playing ability, not on the brand or condition of the ball.

Think of the balls as your own and treat it with care as you do not have an unlimited supply. If you are not happy with using the brand supplied, you are welcome to bring your own.