Rules in regards to guests and previous members

It has been brought to our attention that a number of our old members have not paid for their membership dues and are no longer in good standing with the group.

Playing as a group has benefits:

  • You do not have to arrange a game.. just show up and someone is there to play with you.
  • Pooling finances and purchasing balls together is cheaper than buying it yourself.
  • There are no other tennis groups offering membership at $25.00 for 12 months with balls supplied.
  • 10 course dinners for $25.00 is a very good discount.
  • Three fun tournaments at $5.00 is a bargain.

By joining our group of over 70 members and are able to go to the Parks board and have weight for changes such as:

  • Petition and having them replace the old courts with the best tennis courts in Vancouver.
  • Having the courts power wash every two years.
  • Requesting and getting better quality nets.
  • Getting the grass cut around the courts.
  • Paving the pathway around the courts.

This is difficult to accomplish as an individual and as a group we have accomplished this.

Paying a small fee of $25 is to off set come expenses, but the friendship that develops far exceeds this small amount.

Old Members and quest policies are as follows:

One free occasion to play is between April 1st to March 30th the following year.
Guest fee of $2.00 per visit to be collected by the member that invited the guest.
A fifteen dollar fee is charged to ex members for playing over a month to a maximum of six months and ten dollars for less than a month.

To promote unity of the club, members should not play with ex-members who do not rejoin us.
Members shall be issued a written warning if these rules are broken. If these rules are broken again, the member will be terminated from the club with his membership fee returned on a pro rated basis.